My background, qualifications and experience

Hartlepool born and resident here all my life I have been designing and planting gardens, both large and small, throughout the north east of England since the early 1990s. A gardener for over 40 years, I obtained a Design qualification in 1993 and the Royal Horticultural Society General Certificate in 1994. As a full time garden designer working throughout the north east region (mainly) my involvement has been in both domestic and commercial projects ranging in size from small front gardens to a manor house, a local hospice, nursing homes and factory premises. Over this time more than 250 of my designs have been constructed - some by the clients themselves, their friends, contacts or by using contractors recommended by myself.

As well as domestic and commercial commissions, I undertake design work for both national and local landscape companies and obtain many referrals in this way. Working closely with architects and property developers I also undertake landscape schemes for planning permissions. With years of practical experience and qualifications I believe I have the background for the creative design and planting of unique, high quality gardens. I am dedicated to you as the client, acting wholly on your behalf (without association to any landscaper) and consequently I an advise on all aspects of gardening including contractor selection.

Using popular landscape industry software (or hand drawn if preferred) I specialise in the creation of unique, high quality garden and planting plans for you - providing the highest level of service at a great price! ?