The stages of the garden design process from start to finish.
1. A preliminary site visit:
To familiarise me with site conditions and discuss your requirements. There is a simple questionnaire that I will complete with you - as much to find out what you don't want as what you do. My portfolio of works can be inspected and from an approximate sizing of the garden I will advise the costs of my range of services. There is no charge for this consultation if reasonably local, but you will be advised of any charges prior to any visit out of the north eastern area.

2. Site Survey:
If the price is agreeable, I would normally survey the site on this initial consultation (this does keep costs down!) - but this can be arranged at a later date, especially to avoid periods of bad weather. At this time I will also take photographs, measure and level survey (if appropriate) the garden.

3. Design proposal drawings
A series of 'design solutions' are presented on the next visit. These detailed drawings, including 3D visualisations, act as a discussion document. They give you an overall layout based on our initial discussion. We can then have further discussions and alter it where necessary. Ideas and themes from these plans can be selected - you can 'mix and match' features until the best solution for your garden, lifestyle and budget is agreed.
After your approval I shall prepare the final drawings.

4. Final working drawings
The final package, presented on a third visit, will include the final design, as agreed, complete with a colour rendered copy for information. Work lists, material cost estimates, supplier information (telephone and/or web site address) and recommended contractor details are also included. Where appropriate, detailed construction and level drawings are supplied. Hard landscaping materials may be detailed along with any other relevant information required by your contractor. Constructional detail of steps, paving, water features and other structures may be necessary depending on the project. Specifications for earthworks, turfing/seeding or drainage can be supplied ready for any contractor to implement.

5. Planting Plan
Planting plans for the entire garden, or specific border(s) as agreed, showing the type and size of plants recommended and their positioning can be supplied. A plant schedule will also be provided to facilitate ordering.

6. Construction monitoring/Project management and/or planting works
I am happy to undertake site visits during construction to check work or to totally manage the project until completion. Additionally, I can undertake the supply and planting of all items on the planting plans. These costs will be the subject of a separate quotation.

I pride myself on being able to offer a service from initial consultation until completion of the works and am available during this time for consultancy and arbitration.